Caribbean Stud Poker Tips

Caribbean Stud Poker Tips: Mistakes Everyone Makes

Check out our tips to win at Caribbean stud poker and discover all the most common mistakes beginner make.

Caribbean Stud is not only perhaps one of the most fun games to play at an online or land-based casino, but also can prove to be one of the most profitable.

When played optimally, the house edge is approximately five percent, however, one should consider that the element of risk is only around 2.5 percent. While it is true these odds are still more in the favor of the casino than blackjack or craps when played optimally, this game can award players with a significantly higher payout while potentially also providing more excitement.

In order to increase your chances to win, it is important to learn as close to possible the optimal strategy of the game and avoid the most common mistakes many players make. Obviously, the lesser mistakes you make, the better your chances are to come out a winner in this game.

Before we get into what mistakes to avoid and we touch some important Caribbean stud poker tips, it is important that you understand the rules to the game. In Caribbean Stud, players begin the hand by placing an ante. Unlike some other forms of poker, players play against the bank - and not against other players at the table.

Once the ante is set, players are dealt five cards face down while dealers are also dealt five cards with one of them being exposed to everyone at the table. Players can then decide to either fold their hand and forfeit their ante or continue with their hand by doubling their ante in hopes of either beating the dealer or the dealer not qualifying.

A qualifying hand for the dealer is ace-king or better When this occurs, if the player's hand beats that of the dealer, they are awarded a payout based on the strength of their hand according to a payout table posted at the casino. If the dealer does not qualify, all players that remained in the hand will be rewarded double their ante back.

Additionally the game typically allows players to play for a progressive jackpot for an additional $1 (or other currency) which we will talk about a little later.

Typically the casino does well at this game due to players thinking that since the rules are fairly easy to learn, that they can instantly play without learning some basic strategy. We hope you avoid this common mistake by reading on to learn at least some of the basics to help optimize your experience and likelihood to win.

Caribbean Stud Poker Tips: Common Mistakes Beginners Make

A common mistake players make at Caribbean Poker is to think that their small pairs are not worthy of continuing the hand. It is a huge mistake to fold these hands considering that will not make a qualifying hand 44 percent of the time. A good tip for Caribbean stud poker to keep in mind, is that even a pair of two's has more than a 50 percent chance of beating the dealer regardless of the hole card being exposed.

Another common mistake is that players do not seem to understand how to play their ace-queen and ace-king combinations. During a game of Caribbean stud poker, many players typically instinctively feel that ace-queen is a decent hand. However, this hand will lose to the dealer any time he or she qualifies - Ace-queen should be an instant muck without putting much thought to it.

Ace-king combinations, however, are a bit tricky and our tip for Caribbean stud poker is that you have at your side a guide as to whether to continue with this hand or not. This not only depends on what your other three cards might be, but also what the dealer is exposing. Folding ace-king at the wrong time will cost you money, as will playing it when the odds say you should fold.

Now that you have some guidelines for how to play and what mistakes to avoid for the main portion of a game of Caribbean stud poker, let's focus a little on the progressive jackpot. As you might imagine, the casino typically makes a killing on these bets since the potential of striking it huge makes players forget the odds. If you are just playing for fun and will be upset that you didn't score big when hitting the top hand of a royal-flush, by all means pay the progressive jackpot fee regardless of how big the jackpot is.

However, if you are trying to maximize your odds, you should only consider paying the fee for the progressive jackpot when the sum is huge. At most casinos, the break-even point is around $250,000 for the jackpot before you would break even. Due to different payout structures, at some casinos the break-even point is around $150,000 making it more likely this is a long-term winning bet with jackpots often exceeding this amount.

Another tip regarding the progressive jackpot in Caribbean stud poker is to be as close to the dealer as possible. This is because if more than one person wins the jackpot or a portion there-of, it is first paid out to the person closest to the dealer. For example, if the jackpot is posted at $250,000 and the first player hits a royal flush he will be awarded the entire jackpot. However, if the second player happens to be dealt a straight flush, he will be only be awarded 10 percent of the reset jackpot of $10,000 or $1,000 in total. This has been known to happen and the difference between $25,000 (or 10 percent of the $250,000 in this example) and $1,000 is very significant.

The last thing you should consider is avoiding both online and land-based casinos that do not offer good pay-tables. If you plan to play this game online, we recommend that you play at casinos powered by Microgaming, such as Ladbrokes Casino, BGO Casino, and Mr Green Casino.

The house edge at these casinos is only five percent or a 2.5 percent element of risk, which is the lowest we are aware of at any of the hundreds of online casinos where this game is available.

So now that you understand how to play, where to play, and what mistakes to avoid, why not give Caribbean Stud a chance.

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