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PlayWSOP: Review and Unlimited Free Chips Mega Bonus (US Players Allowed!)

Attention poker players: PlayWSOP is the only online poker app that lets you play with player from all over the world - even if you are in the US! Check out my full review of the official World Series of Poker app and opt-in to get the largest no deposit bonus available right now!

Bonus Bonus Information

The best thing about PlayWSOP is that, if you are good at poker, you can freeroll your entire career through their mega bonus system and the mid-stakes tables.

Through this PlayWSOP review, you can unlock unlimited WSOP free chips.

PlayWSOP review

15,000 WSOP Free Chips Bonus

Each player who open an account at PlayWSOP through CasinoSmash get a starting stack of 15,000 WSOP free chips on the house.

Important Note: this special mega bonus is tied to a CasinoSmash-exclusive promotion. Click here to opt-in.

The 15,000 free come as a no deposit and immediate bonus, meaning you get to use the free chips as soon as you complete the 30-second signup process.

You find on your account right as you log in for the first time on the platform and are all your to use.

I don’t advise you to invest them all at the higher stakes games, but this has a lot to do with your poker skills.

In general, and I will expand on this later on in my PlayWSOP review, the level of the players you find at the high-stakes tables is quite high. I suggest you to train for a bit at the cheaper tables before you aim for the stars.

The 15,000 free chips to play at the World Series of Poker app is only the first part of the CasinoSmash bonus package.

Let’s continue:

Free Chips Without Mega Bonus

You can refill your bankroll with a dose of WSOP free chips every for hours, provided:

  1. You opened your account through CasinoSmash
  2. You launch the WSOP Play poker app once every four hours
  3. You click on the right button

Here’s how it works.

Every four hours, the PlayWSOP poker app gives you a bonus in free chips. To use the bonus, simply click on the button as shown in the screenshot below.

Collect Free WSOP Chips

Again, this is an immediate and automatic bonus. The amount depends on your in-game status so the more poker you play, the more free chips you get.

Right now, I am a Silver player (you’ll start from Bronze), so these are the free chips I get:

WSOP Free Chips

This bonus is available once every four hours, making it one of the most lucrative promotions in the whole online poker industry.

Also, you need to claim this bonus to access the hugely popular WSOP Mega Bonus feature, probably the most loved one about the whole WSOP Play poker app.

The WSOP Poker Mega Bonus

What’s the WSOP Mega Bonus?

In short, it’s your best shot at so many free WSOP chips that you won’t know what to do with them.

Attention: The Mega Bonus is part of the CasinoSmash-exclusive bonus package. Remember to use this page to sign up.

Claim the free chips bonus above for four times, and you get access to the WSOP Play Mega Bonus, the star of the promo package.

Use the Mega Bonus to get between 30,000 and 400,000 free WSOP chips to play…

…again, with no deposit needed.

As soon as it’s available, the Mega Bonus appears on the bottom of the screen.

WSOP Mega Bonus

Click on the button to access the PlayWSOP Mega Bonus wheel-of-fortune.

WSOP Free Chips Mega Bonus

Spin it, and enjoy your free spins Mega Bonus.

Free Chips to play at WSOP poker

What’s fantastic about this Mega Bonus, is that no one can ever lose. If you are lucky, you get a nice 400,000 in free PlayWSOP chips.

If you are unlucky, you leave with 30,000 in your pockets.

I am sure you’ll learn to live with that.

Free Chips Hack: The Hidden Game

While the hourly bonus and the Mega Bonus give you the opportunity to play with no deposit needed, there’s also one more way to get free WSOP chips.

This cute hack has to do with the fact that Playtika, the giant behind the official poker app of the World Series of Poker comes from the casino world.

Being a CasinoSmash player, you get a little extra treat: an in-game slot machine to get more free chips.

Click on the button in the picture to launch the game:

How to get WSOP Free Chips

Once you do so, you get a $5,000 free spin to try out. Spin the reels to see what happens next.

WSOP poker code

$6,000 in free WSOP chips. Not bad, right?

Where are the WSOP Bonus Codes

The best part of signing up through CasinoSmash is this one:

You do not need to use any bonus codes to get free chips to play at PlayWSOP.

The special link we have on this site GUARANTEE you the top bonuses and promotions with no bonus code needed.

So, to recap:

Sign up for an account at PlayWSOP through this page to get:

  • a FREE 15,000 starting stack
  • a FREE refill of WSOP chips every 4 hours
  • access to the 400,000 WSOP free chips Mega Bonus every 16 hours
  • access to the hidden online slots to win EVEN MORE free chips!


No deposit bonus
Get 15,000 COINS
+ Access to the MEGA BONUS!
Bonus Code: Not Required

Games Games Available

Right now, the PlayWSOP poker app is the best mobile poker app you can get on your iPhone, Android, or Amazon device.

Free WSOP chips aside, this is an action-pumped poker app that topped the AppStore rankings to become the most popular online poker app in the world.

Let’s continue with this PlayWSOP review to see what makes it so popular.

Type of Poker Games Available

PlayWSOP features no-limit Texas hold'em and pot-Limit Omaha poker games.

I heard more poker variants are coming soon to the PlayWSOP app, but I couldn’t find any ways to confirm this rumour.

You can choose between tournament poker, and cash games.

Personally, I love cash games…

…so that’s where our journey begins.

Texas Hold’Em Cash Games at PlayWSOP Poker

Right on the left-side of the main lobby you get immediate access to the NLH ring games.

PlayWSOP Texas Holdem Cash Games

The stakes range from a minimum of $100 / $200 (meaning you’ll need a stack of $5k / $25k to get a seat) and go all the way to the app's nosebleeds: the $100m / $200m games, where you need to have a bankroll of at least $5b to enter.

Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to sit at any of the nosebleed tables yet. Right now, you can find me as one of the regulars at the $5k / $10k NLH games.

You can also choose between two different structure: a regular game or a fast-paced one. Personally, I like the slow-play of the regular mode as I like to reflect on my play before I take any actions.

Also, the fast tables are full of random players in a hurry who don’t play very good poker.

Pot-Limit Omaha Cash Games at PlayWSOP Poker

PLO is where the real action happens. Here’s where you find all the best players on the app - including some famous names you wouldn’t expect to see there.

Omaha Cash Games at World Series of Poker App

The limits at PLO games on the PlayWSOP poker app range between $100 / $200 and $100m / $200m. Compared to the NLH games, there’s no fast-game option - and it’s a blessing.

Who would ever play fast-paced PLO anyways?

Poker Tournaments at PlayWSOP Poker

The most popular section of the Play WSOP poker app is the tournaments one.

To access it, click on the (semi-hidden) arrow you see in the image below:

PlayWSOP Texas Holdem Cash Games

The poker tournaments take place in rooms named after the most iconic live poker location in the world: Atlantic City, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, London, and Las Vegas, each coming with a different buy-in and guaranteed prize pool.

Here’s a full recap of the tournaments features on Play WSOP:

RoomBuy-inLevel NeededGTD. First Prize
Atlantic City$50kBronze$200k
Sydney$500kLevel 10$6.5m
Tokyo$2.5mLevel 20$57.5m
London$15mLevel 30$405m
Las Vegas$80mLevel 50$2.64b

Play WSOP Poker App: F.A.Q

Q: Can I play WSOP Poker from an iPhone / Android device?

Yes. The PlayWSOP poker app works on desktop, Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), and Amazon Fire. Click here to download the free app.

Q: Can I play at the World Series Poker app from the United States?.

Yes, US players can play online poker at PlayWSOP. This game is authorised to offer online poker games to players in the United States.

Q: I am in the United States: will I play only with US players?

No. US players get access to the global player pool and can play with any other player on the platform, regardless of their nationality.

Are there more ways to get WSOP free chips?

Yes. The World Series of Poker official poker app run regular time-limited promotion on a daily / weekly basis. Connect with their Facebook page to know more about it.

Support Customer Support

Most of the support action happens on the official Facebook page of the app, but there are a few more ways for you to get your questions answered and your problems solved.

After you log into your account, scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the page. That’s where you fie the link to “Contact Support.”

You can then use the form to get email assistance for any questions relate to billing and connectivity issues, as well as to leave your feedback on the product or simply pose any questions you might have.

Summary Review

I said it in the opening of this Play WSOP review and I am going to say it again: this is the best online poker app you can get.

With more than 3 million players on the platform, PlayWSOP is a fantastic poker app packed with action and great poker games.

You will love the free chips you get every day, even if you don’t deposit anything.

And if you are in the US, this app is a no-brainer. US poker players need it, as this is it’s the only legit poker site for you to play legal online poker games with non-US players!

Screenshots How It Looks


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