Slotomania No Deposit Bonus

Get a HUGE Free Bonus at Slotomania!

Discover how to play free games at Slotomania with the largest no deposit bonus in December. US players allowed!

How well do you know Slotomania Casino?

Most people know this brand because it's legal in the United States (finally!), but:

did you know Slotomania is also one of the most popular online casino in the world by the number of active players?

This is because their platform is one of the best ones to play video slots online.

It works on desktop and mobile, with amazing dedicated apps to play from iOS and Android available through Apple’s and Google’s official channels.

As an iPhone user since the good old 3G to today’s 8 Plus, I should mention that the Slotomania app for Android and iOS is top notch. Right now, I consider it to be the best casino app for iPhone!

Apart from the number of slots featured on the casino platform, Slotomania run an impressive number of promotional bonuses and offers that are:

  1. Surprising
  2. Exciting

Let’s start with some examples.

Get Started with a No Deposit Bonus!

Slotomania gives you 10,000 coins completely FREE upon signup.

I mean, completely!

The only requirement is to open a free account on this page.

Below is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to get the 10,000 FREE Coins:

  1. Visit this special signup page
  2. Create a new Slotomania account
  3. Get the 10,000 Free Coins to play!

And that’s it.

As you can see, the process is simple and straightforward. Just sign up, and you will receive your 10,000 FREE Coins.

Now you can use the coins however you want!

You may decide to use 750 coins on a spin playing Medusa Magic. Or, you can play Civilitreasures (my favorite game) or Farm Fortune — which take a few of your coins per spin.

That said, there’s even MORE to get you excited:

There is a 20,000 FREE Coins offer for using their mobile app!

  • Download the Slotomania app through this link
  • Grant Slotomania the permission to post on your Facebook profile on your behalf.
  • Allow push notifications for the app on your smartphone and/or tablet (you can turn this off later)


And that’s not it - because as soon as you learn how to use the Slotomania mobile app, you get access to the so-called Slotomania Mega Bonus, another promo that gets you lots of free coins to play with no deposit needed.

Every three hours since the moment you activate the game on your smartphone, Slotomania gives you the chance to get even more coins - with the numbers of free credits being proportional to your in-game status.

So, what are you possibly waiting for?

Register for an account at Slotomania NOW and receive 10,000 Free Coins.

Then - download the app through this link to add 20,000 additions Free Coins for your games!

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