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How to Turn $10 Into $265 in 10 Days

Follow Rob in his exclusive journey and learn how to turn $10 into $265 in 10 days.

September is a great month at partycasino. Not only the award-winning gambling site gives you access to new games like Secrets of Atlantis, Frozen Diamonds, and Karaoke Party, but it also features a crazy-simple time-limited promotion that let you turn $10 into $265 and 30 free spins.

Help Rob DaBank and turn $10 into $265 in 10 days!

Play, Earn Points, And Grab The Swag Bags

World-famous bank robber Rob DaBank needs an accomplice to pull off the heist of a lifetime - and that’s where you come in.

Follow the plan below and get ready to receive a reward every time you complete one of the missions in the list. Go through all of them, earn the points you need, and grab as many swag bags you can.

Do it right, and you will find yourself $265 richer and with 30 free spins to turn into mind-boggling cash prizes.

The planPoints neededSwag bag grabbed 
Enter the bank5010 Free Spins 
Control the crowd12520 Free Spins 
Crack the vault250$15 Bonus 
Grab the cash and jewels500$25 Bonus 
Get out of the bank1,000$50 Bonus 
Jump in the getaway car2,000$75 Bonus 
Job done – enjoy the loot!3,500$100 Bonus 

How to Win $265 and 30 free spins

Before you start, keep in mind that you need to opt in to show Rob that you’ve joined his crew. Also, you only have until midnight on September 11 to make your getaway - so you better not waste any more time!

Obviously, the prerequisite to winning the free cash is to have an account at partycasino. In case you need one, make sure you follow the three-step process below to add an extra $100 bonus on top of the Bank Heist promo.

  1. Click on this link to open partycasino on another tab
  2. Fill out the registration form
  3. Make one deposit with the bonus code WELCOMEBONUS

Do this, and you will receive a 100% match bonus on your deposit of up to $100. Just like that. Magic.

Wait, didn’t you say I could turn $10 into a lot more?

Indeed I did and - indeed you can.

First, you open an account at partycasino. It’s free - so we are at $0.

Then, you deposit $10 with the bonus code WELCOMEBONUS because this lets you play with $20. Do you see where I am going?

Note: you can deposit more and enjoy a bigger bonus. But I promised I would turn $10 into $265 - so we go with the minimum deposit.

Finally, you start to play with one single goal in mind: to earn points.

Do this right, go through all the missions in the table above, and - et voilà! - you’ll have found the holy grail that can turn $20 into a lot more.

Activity on all games will be considered for the promotion so, why are you still here!? Go to partycasino NOW and get started!

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