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Welcome Bonus at Online Casino: Expectations vs Reality

What happens when you expect a mediocre bonus and find the biggest Casino bonus this September? I'll tell you what. And you can experience it yourself.

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I don’t know about you, but I rarely have big expectations for the Casino welcome bonus.

Usually, you hope for a generous bonus that will last for a few weeks. In reality, you get some free spins and up to 100 percent deposit match up to €100 that can be spent in one weekend.

Or in one day, if you don’t deposit enough to claim the max amount of that bonus.

Is it fair? Not really.

When you sign up for a trial version of some computer software or online subscription, you get a week or even a month to try it for free.

That may be enough time to get the idea if you really want to use it further or not.

The same should go for Casinos.

Just because I had 20 free spins for Starburst doesn’t mean it helped me to get a good idea of how the Casino works.

Starburst is Starburst everywhere. I need to see more to trust the Casino and deposit more. Thus, the bonus has to either be bigger or last longer.

Do you think it’s difficult to find a Casino like that?

It is.

But I found one Casino that exceeded my expectations. And if you join it, it will exceed yours, too.

Lord of the Spins Casino: Expectations vs Reality

lord of the spins casino

Lord of the Spins is a brand-new Casino. Until I reviewed it, I didn’t know anything about it.

What were my expectations?

The usual what I expect from all new Casinos: a decent number of games, all the usual perks like VIP, and a 24/7 customer support.

But not an impressive bonus. The usual 100 percent up to €100, and if I am lucky, 10 or 20 extra spins.

You may say I don’t expect much. But if you research Casinos as much as I do, you would see that it even makes sense statistically to expect such bonus offers.

So what was the reality?

A 200% bonus. That’s already twice more than expected. And the max bonus amount is €2000 which was completely mind-blowing when I saw it for the first time.

It’s the biggest Casino bonus I’ve seen this September.

To top it up, they added 50 free spins.

I mean, with a €2000 bonus that’s barely necessary but thanks.

And did I mention that Lord of the Spins welcome bonus lasts for a month?

You get five free spins every single day for your first 30 days at Lord of the Spins Casino. That’s another 150 free spins to use for trying their games.

Can you imagine how well you can get to know a Casino with such a huge bonus?

I’ll tell you how well.

If you use the bonus to the fullest, you will know the games and the platform as much as Lord of the Spins customer support. Or maybe even better.

If that’s not enough to make your mind about a Casino, I don’t know what is.

After all, that’s what welcome bonus should be used for, right?

And finally, there is a Casino that got it right.

Join Lord of the Spins and Claim Your Bonus now!

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