Big win at slots

I Wanted to Review a New Game, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

Check out how I turned $800 into more than $20,000 on one single spin!

Some days you are just lucky.

You just need to do the right thing at the right time…
…and a big, fat reward will come your way.

Take what happened this morning, for example.

I opened Jackpot City Casino to review a new slots game, I launched the game, and the unthinkable happened.

What Game Did I Play?

While I am not the Game of Throne’s biggest fan - sorry folks, it bored me to death after 15 minutes -, I love the video slots that are inspired by this hugely popular tv series.

I love the dark atmosphere and the vibes I get from stories where brave and violent heroes meet dragons and other mythological myths.

That’s why today I fired up Forbidden Throne, a fantasy-themed video slot launched by Microgaming back in May 2017.

With this game, as the developer said at the launch, you enter a magical world where everything is possible and epic battles are the only way to survive and prosper.

How Turned $800 into $22,500 in ONE Spin

The game is a good-looking five-reel video slots with forty paylines.

I get the theme is not for everyone (if you are into fruit slots, this isn’t your cup of tea), but I like the feeling that anything could happen when I spin the reels and I enjoy the games that give me that kind of thrill.

Also, the soundtrack is pretty immersive too.

So, I started to spin the reels. Since I am in a review mode, I start with a larger-than-life bankroll and I go for the max bet every time.

Before you comment on this: don’t forget gaming sessions like this one are part of my job. I wouldn’t be able to do it well if I were to bet $0.50 every time.

After a few unlucky games, I hit a ten free spins round and the magic happens. Check this out:


Do You Want to Play?

This amazing video slots is available at Jackpot City and you don’t need to pay $800 a spin to enjoy the fun and the big wins.

Bets start from as low as $0,40 (coin size: $0.01 / coins: 1/10), but I suggest you go for a bit more than the bare minimum if you can afford it.

To play the game:

The best part is that if you don’t have an account at Jackpot City yet, the link above earns you a $1,600 bonus package automatically.
Click here to read more about the bonus package

For any further info about online slots and the games on tap at Jackpot City, you can reach me through the contacts page. Alternatively, you can send us a tweet to !

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