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Ladbrokes Casino review > No Longer Available
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Don the costume of the world's greatest detective, Batman, as he struggles to overcome the masked villainy that terrorizes Gotham City with Cryptologic's Batman online slot!

One of the most notable features on this superhero-themed slot machine is called the Batman Re-Spins Feature. This is triggered by either finding a Commissioner Gordon symbol on Reel 1 and a Bat-signal Symbol on Reel 5, or by finding those two symbols the other way around. This allows for Gordon to call upon the masked vigilante for help. Not only will Batman help save the city from crime, but he'll also help line your pockets with additional credits.

The second notable feature from this machine is called the Descent into Madness. This feature is triggered when a player hits three or more scatter symbols. With this feature, the player actually becomes the Batman. Using batarangs, the player will take down several inmates of Arkham Asylum, winning prizes while doing so. Finally, the player will have the chance to stop the Joker. Success will net a 100x bet bonus. Failure during the first try is no big deal, however, as the player will receive a second chance to catch the Clown Prince of Crime to receive that 100x payday.

Save the city and make some money while doing so with Cryptologic's Batman machine!

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Ladbrokes Casino review > No Longer Available
Not available in your region

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