24Bettle Casino: Is it good or not

4 Reasons to Play at 24Bettle This Month

24Bettle is one of the most interesting new kids in town. If you missed my review, make sure you read this article where I tell you why you should be playing there - right now.

Playing at a new casino site is always a gamble.

On one hand, trying out a new platform is great. You get to discover new games, you are showered with bonuses, and you have the chance to get that fresh start you have been dreaming about for a while.

Who doesn’t love fresh starts, after all?

The problem is: not all new casinos are great.

Some new sites are just so mediocre that they are nothing but a repetition of what is already there.

They have the same games, the same bonuses, and even almost the same sites as the casinos you have known for the past five to ten years.

That’s why I really enjoyed 24Bettle Casino and that’s why I kept coming back to play at their site even after I the tests for my review - which, by the way, you can read here.

In this article, I will try to highlight the four top reasons why I think 24Bettle is a great new site.

Reason 1: You Get Five Bonuses

If you are a loyal reader of CasinoSmash I am sure you know how much I love bonuses.

I think bonuses are key to a fun and enjoyable experience - and 24Bettle set up one of the best casino bonus experiences available today.

They came up with a fantastic welcome bonus package that not only gives you free money to jumpstart your bankroll - but it keeps you going back to play a little more every day.

After all - it’s free.

The package begins with a welcome bonus on your first deposit.

You just need to sign up through this link, and this move alone can get you up to €240 in bonus cash.

That’s a lot of money.

To clear things up, you get a 100% cash match bonus on your first deposit with a free €240 being the max bonus you can earn.

Getting this offer is simple. Just create an account on this page and enjoy the free money.

Reason 2: There are Free Spins. A Lot of Free Spins

The second reason to play at 24Bettle is my favourite one because all new players can add a lot of free spins to the €240 match bonus I just mentioned.

Why do I keep saying that there are a lot of free spins?

Easy. That’s because you get 240 bonus spins.

Now, think about it: could you name another casino that gives away the same number of free spins to new depositing players?

To get this loot, all you need to do is to make a deposit. More precisely, your first deposit.

That’s right - the very same deposit that already netted you the 100% match bonus.

Once you activate the free spins bonus, you get 24 spins a day for 10 days in a row to play a selected number of slots games.

Reason 3: I Love the New Casino Games

Since this whole article is about trying something new, I am going to assume you are not afraid to dive into the unknown and seek for new thrills.

I surely don’t, and that’s why I love when a casino offers new games.

This month, 24Bettle is doing things right as there are quite some new online games available for instant play.

If you want a suggestion, go play Shaolin Spin, a superb new slots that will teleport you to a world of martial arts and dragons.

Other new noteworthy slots available at 24Bettle this month are:

  • Disco Double
  • Booster
  • Lucky 3
  • Skulls of Legend

Of course, there are much more are games - but these ones are a sure win.

Reason 4: There’s a Lot of Moolah!

Let’s not pretend we don’t care about money.

I know we are all in this for the fun, but a nice win never hurt anybody.

24Bettle features a lot of slots games with progressive jackpots so - if you are in it for the big one - make sure you go where the moolah is.

This month, these are the slots you need to keep your eyes on:

  • Rango
  • Basic Instinct
  • Rambo
  • 24

Winning a jackpot isn’t easy. The odds are against you, luck is against you, and also the casino is against you taking down those seven-zeroed sums.

But, when it happens, it’s a feeling that can’t be compared to anything else.

If you want to discover what I am talking about, go check out 24Bettle.

Use your Facebook or Gmail account to sign-up for a risk-free account and discover how to score a life-changing win with nothing more than one click.

Good Luck!

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