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Casino Dealer Job: Everything You Need To Know

Requirements, trainings, and salaries to expect when you start a career as a casino dealer.

Each casino works as a well-oiled mechanism, with every unit doing a specific job. One of the most interesting parts of the whole thing is the casino dealer. He must stay invisible and make sure the flow at the table runs smoothly, the customers are happy and even spot if someone is trying to cheat the house.

It’s a responsible task that requires concentration and a certain set of skills. Whether you’re a card dealer or you’re on a roulette table, the main process is always similar. Just do the simple things quickly and don’t make mistakes. It might seem easy, but in reality, it requires experience and concentration.

If you’re able to complete it, it comes with plenty of perks like a good salary plus tips and the opportunity to work and travel in some of the most beautiful places around the globe: Las Vegas, Macau, Monaco, lots of luxury cruise ships travelling across stunning resorts, there’s no limit if you’re good enough.

But the job is not easy and not everybody can do it. You will be regularly working long hours, night shifts, sometimes the pressure is huge and there’s no room for even the tiniest error because it could ruin your career.

How To Become A Casino Dealer

If you feel tempted to give it a shot and become a casino dealer, there are different things you need to know. For a start, you need to apply to the basic dealer training that is usually available in most casinos. Just have a look at what’s available in your area and check if there are such trainings.

The good news is that there is no specific skill set or education required, so pretty much anybody out there can try and get accepted. Still, there are some qualities that could give you a slight advantage.

First of all, being good with numbers certainly would work in your favor. Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t need to be some kind of a math genius to become a casino dealer, but having at least basic knowledge is required.

The whole job is organized in a way that all calculations are done by formulas and are rather simple, so most people should be able to learn this one without too many complications.

The next thing is that you need to be able to communicate, as obviously part of the job would be to speak to customers. You will have to listen to them, explain the rules occasionally, answer each question they might have and make sure they feel comfortable at the table.

This is important for another reason – the tips you get are a direct result of the communication with the players at the table. If they like you, the money will come. Obviously, if you are an introvert who is incapable of casual conversations the job is not the best option for you.

Another important thing is to be able to keep it cool, as there are all kinds of people and situations in a typical casino. Some of the customers might be drunk or angry, they could even blame you for their losses. Not everyone can work under pressure and you should consider this aspect if it would bother you too much.

Those are the main skills required to become a casino dealer, but there are other things that could play a role. Trustworthiness is a major factor in the industry, so a casino will rarely hire someone with a criminal record. There is the potential that your financial background will be checked as well since it could be considered dangerous to hire people who are in a desperate situation and own lots of money.

Casino Dealer Salary

casino dealer salary

After you know the base process of becoming a casino dealer, it’s time to talks some numbers and see how much does a casino dealer make. As you can imagine, the yearly salary varies greatly depending on the country, the experience, the number of working hours and much more. However, we will give you a rough idea what to expect in countries like the USA and the UK.

Let’s start with the former and see what’s the typical card dealer salary there. Entry-level croupiers in London start at around £17,000 per year, no tips included. The amount could rise up to about £20,000 within two years and the tips vary, but you could expect up to 30% on top of the base wages. The dealers outside London typically earn about 25% less.

When we take a look at the United States, there is a significant gap between Nevada and Pennsylvania. In Las Vegas (Nevada), the casino dealers earn an average of $17,440 without the tips. The number for employees in Pennsylvania is significantly higher as the local dealers average almost $27,000 before tips.

Casino Dealer Training

Let’s go into more details about the casino dealer training and what the whole process is like. It’s usually done by the casinos, but there are also special casino dealer schools available. The training is similar in both and typically takes about 6 weeks.

The main target is for the student to learn the whole routine for all major casino games. This includes the rules and all the procedures that are part of the flow. How are bets placed, how are winnings paid, pretty much everything you need to know about the likes of blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker and other popular games. At the end of the training, each dealer should be able to automatically run the table without any doubts.

The casino dealer training also includes a deep knowledge of local gambling laws and regulations. It’s worth noting that those vary greatly between different countries and sometimes even between different cities in the same state. This is why casino dealers should go through it again if they decide to switch locations at some point. There are also constant changes in the laws, so taking a refreshment course regularly is a must if you want to become a dealer.

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