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Canada Free Spins: Get 100 Free Spins the Easy Way

Check out how to get two casino bonuses for a total of 100 free spins with NO wagering requirements and NO cap on winnings for players in Canada.

They say free spins are useless and there is no point in looking for an online casino with free spins in Canada because there's nothing interesting out there.

You want to play for free, but all you get are people telling you that you shouldn't because free spins bonuses for Canada's players are SO bad that you'd be wasting your time.

It's not like that.

If you want to play free slots with free spins, you shouldn't think Canadian players don't get a piece of the free spins cake out there.

"Stop wasting your time on free spins. Free spins are worthless. IF you win (but you won't), the wagering requirements will make you regret you ever used them. End of the story."

This is a real comment I received when I took to a casino forum in Canada to get the pulse of what Canadian players think about this very specific type of bonuses.

Is It All So Bad?

Messages like that one could kill anyone's enthusiasm to play casino games. Especially when they are posted on a very respected casino forum and by a user with a lot of authority in there.

A self-proclaimed expert.

What I don't like about people like him is how they never seek a real confrontation. They don't want to engage, they want people to feel their authority and do exactly as they say.

"End of the story."

Who is this guy? What makes his voice more reliable than the one of anyone else who plays casino games? What proofs did he offer me to convince me that he knows everything about free spins bonuses to play from Canada?


Self-proclaimed experts do this all the time. They impose their point of view and then leave.

"End of the story?!"
What a bully.

Don't Let The Bullies Steal Your Free Spins!

If there's one thing I don't like about cyber-bullies, is to believe to what they say. And you shouldn't too, because what I found out about free spins casinos in Canada blew my mind.

And s***ged the bully's statement inside and out. Multiple times.

One-hundred times, to be exact.

Being in a position of power compared to most casual casino players – I do work for a casino site, after all! – I reached out to my favorite operators and asked them to tell me more about what sort of free bonuses they had for casino players in Canada.

Spoiler Alert: many of them don't have any free spins for players in Canada.

Some of my favorite online casinos dropped the idea of free spins bonuses a while ago, and they haven't decided to go back. Not yet, at least.

Then – the disaster began.

Two casinos I examined had a total of 220 free spins to play from Canada…but those came with:

  • 50x wagering requirement on winnings
  • A $100 cap on winnings
  • The number of games connected to the bonus limited to…three slots

What a disaster.

Right when I was about to give up and think that the bully was right…magic happened.

50 Free Spins Bonus for Canadian Players at BGO Casino

Free Spins Bonus for Canadian Players

The best free spins available in Canada in 2019 is the one at BGO Casino.

Rather than to lure you in with huge numbers and then stab you in the back with insane terms and condition, they took a revolutionary approach:

The free spins are with NO wagering requirements and NO cap in winnings.

BGO changed their casino bonus for Canada a few months back, and they are not the top choice for anyone interested in free slots.

The moment you sign up for an account at BGO Casino from Canada – you do not get a single free spin.

That's it. Zero. Nada. Rien. Niente.

Their 2019 welcome pack does not include a no deposit bonus (it used to, back in 2017), and that's a good thing because it adds value to your experience and makes the casino forum bully wrong.

The bonus kicks in on your deposit and it's calculated as 1 free spins for each $1 you deposit.

Deposit $10, get 10 free spins
Deposit $50, get 50 free spins
Deposit $100, get 50 free spins
Deposit $1,000, get 50 free spins

You get the logic.

canada free spins for real money

What makes this the best free spins bonus for Canada players is the fact that the free spins come with no strings attached.

You get no wagering requirements to meet and there is no limit on how much you can win.

You can withdraw everything you win, immediately. NO questions asked.

I think this is massive and I am sure more and more online casinos in Canada are going to follow BGO's example – since a $10 deposit gives you access to the best casino games on earth and a bonus that isn't a rip-off.

You can find more information about this bonus on this page.

In case you don't have an account at BGO yet, remember you can always open one for free through this link.

CasinoSmash will earn a bit of money the moment you do so, and I want to thank you for that – because these small fees are crucial to keeping our site independent and free.

What Do You Know About PowerSpins?

One thing many people don't know – on those fancy casino forums we have in Canada, too -, is that BGO Casino is in the market with a second brand, an online casino named PowerSpins.

PowerSpins Casino
Want to Know More about PowerSpins?

Discover one of the coolest casinos of 2018 and play with up to 50 free spins with NO cap on winnings! Play the best slots and have FUN at this simple casino site - the ideal new room for beginners!

Read More

As soon as I received my free spins at BGO Casino to play from Canada, I asked myself "what about PowerSpins?" "Do they have the same bonus for players in Canada?"

You bet, they do.

The bonus at PowerSpins works the same as the one at BGO Casino, meaning you have 50 more free spins with no wagering requirements and no cap of winnings.

BGO's new take on free spins in Canada worked so well for them that they decided to replicate the same offer at PowerSpins and to welcome all players in Canada with 1 free spins for each $1 they deposit.

You can read more about PowerSpins Casino and their slots games on this review, or you can use this link to open an account and be automatically part of the Canada free spins bonus.


100 Free Spins to Play From Canada With NO Cap on Winnings

What a journey this was.

It started on a forum where a bully told me that free spins are worthless and it ended with 100 free spins on my accounts at two of the top casinos of 2019.

100 free spins with no cap on winnings is a massive bonus.
Think about how much money you won the last time you hit the bonus round at Starburst or at Jack and the Beanstalk.

Then, think about how many spins gave you that. 15 free spins? 20 free spins?

Now – imagine how much money you could win with these two bonuses and the 100 free spins you get.

Conclusion: Get Your Free Spins and Play

You can get free spins and, if you are in Canada, you can use them to win a lot of money too.

Two great casinos like BGO and PowerSpins give you the opportunity to play from Canada, to enjoy some of the best online slots ever created, and to turn everything into a lot of money.

I don't know if these two free spins bonuses are going to be available for long – the casinos didn't tell me anything about this – do yourself a favor: sign up for an account at both casinos today and secure the 100 free spins bonus for Canada as it's available.

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