Checklist: Play Roulette Like a Pro

Checklist: Play Roulette Like a Pro

Print this simple roulette checklist, follow my proven 7-step system, and get ready to win 93% of your online roulette games

Roulette is one of the most exciting and popular casino games ever invented. Players love to stand by the big roulette wheel and throw their chips at the wheel.

You would probably love roulette too, - if it wasn’t that you lose every time you play. Somehow, and you still do not understand how that happens - you do not seem to know how to pick the right bets.

Your lucky number never comes up and you are never fast enough to bet on the right quadrant or on the right colour.

When the excitement blinds you, there is a category of players you don’t see: the professional roulette players. Try not to pay attention to the ones who yell and are there to have fun; do not dream to be the next one to throw his arms up in the air because the right number finally rewarded your efforts.

Look at the real winners. They are silent, they do not put up a show, and their bets are so boring that you won’t even notice them.

Do you know why this happens? It’s because they are not just playing, they are working.

A Checklist to Play Roulette Like a Pro

Today you are about to learn all the secrets that professional roulette players will never tell you but that you could have learned every time you went to a casino.

checklist to win at roulette like a pro

You just had to leave your drinks at the bar and cut through the noise to focus on the only players that matter: the roulette pros.

I am about to give you the ultimate checklist to become a true roulette winner. Print it, save it as a photo on your mobile phone, or learn it by heart - it’s your choice.

I will show you how to get more than 93% winning chances every time the roulette wheel spins. If you can afford to invest $200 in your game, I can bring your winning chances up to 97% / 98% - but this will happen only if you will follow every step in this checklist and you will play exactly as I tell you.

No stupid bets, no feelings, no lucky numbers. This is the only roulette method that works. Use my checklist in combination with the best roulette system in the world and get ready to leave the casino in the black - all the time!.

The Ultimate Checklist to Win At Roulette

1. Did You Choose a Legit Casino?

This checklist will get you banned from most brick-and-mortar casino, so you better use it to play online. When you do, make sure you choose a legit casino room - or the roulette may be rigged for you to lose.

Right now, I play my games at these three casino rooms (why three? You'll see.)

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2. Do You Have At Least Three Casino Accounts?

Online casinos do not like serial winners, and once you start to win all your games, they will try to find a way to kick you out. To avoid this, make sure you open at least three casino accounts at three different rooms and that you play at each room only one day and one session a week.

Here’s the calendar I use to keep track of my games. Make sure to create one just like it.

MondayRouletteRoom #1
TuesdaySlotsRoom #2
WednesdayRouletteRoom #3
ThursdayBlackjackRoom #1
FridayRouletteRoom #2
SaturdaySlotsRoom #3

3. Did You Lose Some Money?

As you can see, I try to include different games in my weekly grind. Although I am familiar with the best strategies to win at blackjack, I am a roulette player - not a blackjack or a slots one.

I play those games to lose, to create the online identity of a player who is nothing more than a gambler that gets lucky at roulette.

Change games often, lose money on purpose, and the casinos will never find out that you are building your fortune at roulette, one spin at a time.

4. Do You Have $114 In Your Account?

To win real cash, you need real cash. You need $114 in your account to get 93% of winning chances. More money will get you up to 97% / 98%, but you will get there with your winnings.

5. Did You Choose a Quadrant?

All your bets will be on the same quadrant, on the same set of numbers. You will NEVER bet on a single number, and you will NEVER switch to a different quadrant or combination before you win.

6. Did You Print The Right Betting Sequence?

Start with a $3 bet, and increase the size of your bet every time you lose. Do this following the table below, and you will be ahead before the 7th consecutive spin begins.

MultiplierBetBankroll Needed

7. Did You Get Back to $3 Bets After You Won?

Don’t let your winnings fool you: this system works only if you follow every step in the checklist. Every time you win, you need to go back to the initial $3 bet.

Don’t try to be smart. Don’t jump on bigger bets if you don’t know what you are doing - or you will lose everything you worked hard for.

Get ready to win

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to start your first winning session.

If $114 is too much for you, here’s a quick walk-around:

  1. Open an account at EnergyCasino through this link
  2. Use your free spins with no deposit bonus to play slots (See point 3)
  3. Deposit €50
  4. Check your account

A €50 deposit at EnergyCasino gets you a 150% match bonus and 100 free spins, meaning you get a total of €125 to play roulette and 100 free spins to play and lose at slots every time you need to - at no additional cost. The offer is set to expire later this month, so you better hurry up, get the bonus, and use it to start to play roulette like a pro.

The Five Best Roulette Games to Play RIGHT NOW!

While the three casinos in this article are the ones I play at, I know that many of you might prefer some other gambling sites. So, if you are planning to use my strategy somewhere else, here's the list of the top 5 roulette sites available on the web right now. Have fun!

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Reeltastic review > Get 200% up to €200
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