How to Play Mississippi Stud

How to Play Mississippi Stud to Win Real Money

The game of Mississippi Stud is not only popular in the state of Mississippi, but is a house favorite in casinos across the country.

This classic, poker-based card game is incredibly simple, and novices can learn the basics in no time. However, it’s a bit more challenging to master the technicalities of the game and form a solid strategy.

Seasoned players find Mississippi Stud very entertaining to play even though the table game begins with only two cards per player.

How to Play Mississippi Stud

At the beginning of the game, each player places a bet and is given two cards each. The cards are placed upside down so the players can’t see what they’ve been dealt. The cards will continue to remain hidden as the game progresses.

Later, the dealer puts down three more cards, again upside down, on the table. The players then decide whether to continue playing the game or whether they want to quit.

Keep in mind:

You must bet a minimum of three times to finish one round, after which the players get paid out.

Once each player has seen their cards, they have the option to back out and wait for the next player to do the same. The player will then make a bet within the prime circle labelled as "3rd street". The bets made this time can match, double or triple the value of the bet made earlier. At this point one of the community cards that has been placed on the table will be shown by the dealer.

Mississippi Stud Strategy

After all the players have seen the hidden cards, they have the option to back out and lose all the bets or to continue playing and make another bet. This bet once again can be equal to, double, or triple the original bet made in the circle labelled "4th street", no matter what bet was placed on "3rd street". The second card on the table, known as a community card, will be revealed by the dealer.

Now what?

Once all the players have seen the second card, they again have the option to quit the game and lose all they have bet so far or to place another bet equal to, double or three times their original bet in the circle labelled as "5th street". The game has now reached a point where the players cannot place any more bets. The final hidden community card on the table will then be revealed to the players.

The player that has a set of five playing cards and at least two 6's will remain in the game. This player will keep all the bets made throughout the game and will start another game by placing an initial bet. Players left with cards ranging from 6's to 10's will be at an advantage and will most likely win the game.

Mississippi Stud: Strategy Tips to Remember

So you have come to understand the basics of Mississippi Stud.

The question now is:

What strategy tips can I use to win?

Players of this game will always have three chances to decide if they should move chips from their chip stack or not. When playing Mississippi Stud, you will always get a chance to look at the two cards you’ve been dealt before the dealer turns the hidden community cards on the table. At this point, you must decide if you want to quit or if you want to make another bet.

In case you have a pair, you would want to take advantage of your hand and triple your bet. If you have an ace or a face card, you should raise your bet once. If you have cards ranging from 6s to 10s but not a pair, you are advised once again to raise your bet once.

Once the player has seen the first card turned by the dealer, they should triple their bet if they hold any cards with a continuous sequence, aka a flush, or have any pairs of 6 or higher. You are advised to raise only once if you:

  • Have a small pair lower than 6’s
  • Hold at least two cards consisting of a Jack or higher
  • Have any cards ranging between 6’s and 10’s
  • Have three card flush
  • Hold a pair of consecutive cards that need one more to make a flush

If you have none of these card combinations, you are advised to fold.

Once the players are shown the second card turned by the dealer, you should only triple your bet if you have a four card flush or now have an additional combination from the list above. If you have any other hands you should either bet once, if you feel confident, or choose to fold. The ideal hand at this point would have a four card flush or a pair of Aces.

Keep in mind that Mississippi Stud works a bit differently when compared to single bet games. The trick of the game is knowing how to play with the first two cards handed to you. Any errors made when making the first bets will make the rest of the game more challenging to play. The best piece of advice is that you should think carefully about your bets each round.

Video: Learn Mississippi Stud in Under 4 Minutes

Image Credit: Crown Melbourne

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