4-Minute Video Guide to Card Counting

Learn how to count cards in blackjack with the card counting video guide by Mike Aponte, the legendary champion from the MIT Blackjack Team

Back in September 2012, former Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) student and blackjack star Mike Aponte joined the Def Con XX conference in Las Vegas to give the hacking community some priceless tips on how to beat the casinos.

Part of the legendary MIT Blackjack Team that crushed the casinos in Las Vegas from 1979 onwards, Aponte is considered to be one of the greatest blackjack players alive.

Not only he won millions at the felt, but he also took home the first-ever World Series of Blackjack Championship in 2004, when he managed to beat the 25 best blackjack players in the world in a memorable competition held at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

If you are not familiar with Aponte’s incredible story, we suggest you to pick a copy of Bringing Down the House - by far one of the best gambling books ever written - or to fire up Netflix and watch 21.

Card Counting 101 Guide by Mike Aponte

In this video, Aponte offers an easy guide to card counting - a technique he used to win at blackjack and that made him one of the most feared blackjack players in the world.

"We used card counting to hack Las Vegas and beat the casinos for millions," Aponte says in the 4-minute clip. "A lot of people think you need to be a math wiz or Rainman to count cards, but actually it’s quite the opposite."

Mike Aponte’s Video Card Counting Guide

Are You Ready To Get Serious?

Card counting is what can make you a real winner. Do it poorly, and the casino will kick you out from the room for good. Do it well, and your quest for the Holy Grail will be over.

While you can’t practice card counting in a casino, the three online rooms below have everything you need to put Aponte’s card counting tips into practice and learn how to count cards and win money.

Sign up for a free an account at the room that offers you a no deposit bonus, open a live blackjack table, and keep Aponte’s guide to card counting in a separate window. Follow his card counting advices as you play and, remember: do not try card counting at a brick-and-mortar casino before you win at least 72 percent of your online blackjack hands.

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